From connected devices to advanced services

Modernize your offering through the use of managed services and new HWaaS business models


Connect with ease,
Manage at scale

Developing for Xyte's CloudOS is easy - connect your devices to the cloud in a few short weeks, or even days!

Simple Development Process

No need to worry about cloud development, deployment, and infrastructure. Simply connect your devices using our API to add great functionality to your products.


Xyte's CloudOS is a fully secured multi-tenant platform hosted on AWS. Your data and your customers’ data is safe.

Fully Customized

Customize your portal for your needs and those of your customers.

Wide Variety of Integrations

Management and monitoring are just the start. CloudOS integrates with a wide variety of third-party services, such as ticketing systems, messaging platforms, and other cloud platforms, to form a complete solution.
Web Development

No-code platform

Why reinvent the wheel?

Reduce Costs

Use our prebuilt modules and save on development costs.

Focus on YOUR Product

Let your developers focus on what's important - your product. Gain a great competitive edge by adding best-in-class cloud-based features.

Be Agile

Build faster, keep upgrading.

Improve Time to Market

Develop fast, ship faster.

Hardware as a Service

Enhance your business model and device functionality with advanced licensing

Enable product features through the cloud
Develop HWaaS business models and manage them using CloudOS

Ready to get started?

Speak to an IoT expert, or simply start connecting your devices to the cloud!